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Consolidated Reporting

  • Advanced Tools
    Receive real-time calculations for franchise operators on global level.
  • Accurate Reports
    Analyze detailed sales and inventory operations on a worldwide scale.
  • Country-Level
    Manage your franchises internationally from one central location.

Enterprise Features

  • Built for Growth
    Online ordering and loyalty programs built for franchise businesses.
  • Multi-Location
    Easily create, update and control each POS location from the backend.
  • Mobile Tech
    Grow your customer base by giving them the ability to order online.

Global Support

  • Technical Support
    From anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.
  • Resource Library
    Have questions or need help on functionality? It’s available.
  • Provide Security
    Offer the latest, most secure EMV-ready payment methods.
My Enterprise Screenshot
My Enterprise Screenshot

Manage your Enterprise Centrally and in Real-Time

Visualize the future of your franchise business with Linga’s restaurant and retail operating system. Group different stores or events and create custom reports that help you understand your sales and data.

Bullet Enterprise Analytics & Reports
Seamless integration with ERP like NetSuite, NAV,
SAP with Backend tools.

Bullet Set Groups & Management Levels
Organize permissions and roles so employees only
focus on specific areas.

Bullet Built for Scalability
Streamline multi-location food production, cut
costs at the franchise level.
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Restaurant Staff

Modern Design, Easy to Use & Train your Staff

Receive instant access to multiple integrated solutions for your franchise when you choose Linga. Get access to customer loyalty programs, online ordering, inventory management, CRM, and in-depth reporting and analytics.

Bullet Complete User Access
Provide a user-friendly interface so your staff can keep moving.

Bullet Change Language per User
Made for the global franchise, Linga translates into +30

Bullet Staff Time Clock
Track employee hours by day/week to calculate your labor costs.
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Restaurant Staff


Complete Branding Control of Your Enterprise

Maximize growth through a comprehensive cloud-based platform with built-in reporting, loyalty, and online ordering. Retain customers across COCO, COFO, FOFO formats. Manage royalty of franchise locations easily.

Bullet Customizable Gift Cards
Give customers a way to share your brand by offering gift cards.

Bullet Branded Online Ordering
Whether you offer a branded app or website, compete online.
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Why Choose Linga?

Because it’s the only true choice for growing franchises a system that be a complete solution for their businesses. All features and integrations are already included.

  • Enterprise-level online ordering, loyalty reward programs, employee scheduling, and more.
  • No more searching for integrations. Add new features at a franchise-level in minutes.
  • Measure profits with labor and cost management features designed for multi-locations.

Trusted by Businesses All Around the World

LINGA has provided its completely cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses of all around the globe. Offering the most customizable and user-friendly platforms to the industry, LINGA has provided its cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses all around the world.

Ready to get started?

Talk to a restaurant expert today and learn how LINGA can help your business.

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